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Luxury Lifestyle Concierge Sydney escapes and spaces

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Luxury Lifestyle Concierge Sydney Chat-in messenger app
Luxury Lifestyle Concierge Sydney membership card
Luxury Lifestyle Concierge Sydney Chat-in messenger app

Chat-in with BTR Lifestyle Concierge iOS App 

A personalised member and

payment card

You’ll receive a personalised Behind The Rope 

titanium card that serves as a membership card and

payment tool when linked to your credit or debit card.

Luxury Lifestyle Concierge Sydney private events

Social mapping around our private events.

We are able to hyper personalise on an event basis

our members experience by social individual and

behavioural profiling.


We take immense pride in extending our service to only a select few, which

ensures that we come to know members not just by name, but also by their

distinct personality, preferences and tastes. We believe that this is what our

members aspire to and the experience they demand.

Luxury Lifestyle Concierge Sydney member

A dedicated Lifestyle Manager at

your fingertips

Our on-demand Lifestyle Manager service is your

personal assistant providing personalised

recommendations and reservations to help you get

the most out of your city or the whole world.

Use our iOS Lifestyle Concierge app to access

the service anywhere, at anytime.

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